The moderator during the plenary lecture programmes of the conference is Lucille Werner, a Dutch well-known television programme host who interviewed many celebreties, among which David Bowie, Robbie Williams and Joe Cocker, and who started the Lucille Werner Foundation (LWF). Being physically disabled herself, Lucille fights for integration of people with a disability in society. The LWF helps societies open their eyes but also gives people with a disability the Call to Action as main function.


Mission and Vision Lucille Werner Foundation 

A physical disability does not mean it will stand in your way. But still lots of people with a disability are placed by others or themselves on the background.

The Lucille Werner Foundation (LWF) believes this is unnecessary! The Foundation fights for integration for people with a disability in society. Having a disability is nowadays still leading to a negative image. People with a disability do not deserve this. LWF helps societies open their eyes but also gives people with a disability the Call to Action as main function. LWF motivates them to realize a stronger position in society and to believe in themselves.

This vision arises by Lucille Werner’s own experiences as she is the only Dutch television presenter with a noticeable disability. She formed the Lucille Werner Foundation to propagate her vision and tor realize the goal “A physical disability does not determine people or employees’ capabilities. Only character traits such as motivation, dedication and perseverance do so. And these character traits are well established with people with a disability!”

LWF wants a strong position for people with a disability in the Netherlands. Initiating high-profile television shows and the creation of work possibilities stands central in realizing a powerful and positive image. All with the idea that people with a disability find easier access to integrate in society.

LWF organizes events and initiates different projects with the input of media such as television, radio, internet, social media and print. Every project has a multimedia character to reach the entire society.


Lucille Werner

Lucille Werner was born in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, at the 12th of October in 1967. She left, with her parents to Colombia, at the age of four. The family lived in Colombia for five years before they moved back to the Netherlands.

After graduating from high school, Lucille chose for the study PR and Communication at college. At the age of 24, she formularized with television during her internship at ‘de 5 Uur Show’ presented by Catherine Keyl and Viola Holt.

Once she graduated and got her degree, Lucille could immediately start as an editor at the RTL 4 program ‘Showtime’ hosted by Pauline Huizinga and Albert Verlinde. Lucille mostly acts with the music editing while dreaming of presenting in front of the camera. Another passion of Lucille is singing.

Two years later, she becomes reporter at ‘Showtime’. It gives her the opportunity to travel the world and interview celebrities such as: David Bowie, Robbie Williams and Joe Cocker.

Lucille’s presenting debut was not much later at RTL’s 4 ‘Actueel Shownieuws’. She hosted with former Frizzle Sizzle singer Marjon Keller. After ‘Actueel Shownieuws’ she daily presented with Michael Pilarzcyk the showbiz program ‘The Big Entertainment Club’ followed with ‘Zomerkampioenen’, ‘Henny’s Houseparty’ and ‘Puzzeltijd’ on the same popular channel of RTL 4.

In 2001 Lucille went to public broadcasting network AVRO. With Anniko van Santen she was the face of ‘Alle Dieren Tellen Mee’. After this program Lucille was in the quiz program ‘Smarttest’ for a couple of episodes and presenter for the familiar show program ‘Get The Picture’.

In 2005 Lucille launched her book: ‘Het leven loopt op rolletjes’. She tells openly in this book over her personal life and living with a disability and how she was able to use her disability to realize her goals in her life.

Lucille started this year also as presenter of the popular game and word program ‘Lingo’. She would present this program until the 3rd of October 2014. When the program was cancelled, it was the longest going-on program on Dutch television.

During 2006 and 2007 the program ‘Mis(s) Verkiezing’ was broadcasted by the TROS. Created and presented by Lucille, she searched for the most beautiful, smartest, charming and powerful young lady with a disability in the Netherlands. The high-profile and successful program reached millions of viewers.

Lucille launched more programs as in 2008 and 2009 she presents her show ‘De CAPawards’. People with a disability and an extraordinary talent receive an award. The program soon got a version for children till 14 years called ‘De Cappies’. After ‘De Cappies’ the drama serie ‘Caps Club’ was released. Three series were made between 2013 and 2015. In 2016 the ‘Mis(s) Verkiezing returned on the commercial station SBS6.

The popular programs contributed to a positive perception for people with a disability. All contributing to the mission of the Lucille Werner Foundation she formed in 2006 and still leads with many enthusiasm and passion.

On the 18th of august in 2010 Lucille received a royal medal for her input in the positive image of people with a disability naming her Knight in the Order of Oranje-Nassau.

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