The Position Papers, which are part of the Toolkit of SE, state the views of the EUSE on a wide range of SE topics and encourage us all to adhere to the strengths and values of the complete SE model. The topics for the EUSE 2019 Conference are those same views and transitions:

The EUSE believes that there are difficulties within the current “models” of SE across Europe and as a result will continue to engage and inform key policy makers of the “model”. Whilst taking this view, EUSE also recognizes the need for economic employment to be core to many country’s employment action plans. The area for debate and exploration for the foreseeable future lies with EUSE, working across Europe, to ensure that we balance the need for both economic employment and the rights of the individuals wishing to work, who can work with the correct support.

The EUSE unequivocally supports paid work as the right of every person who seeks employment within the SE model. The EUSE recognizes other “unpaid” work options as being used in an individual’s journeys to paid work, but believes that they should be of a temporary nature and serve a specific transition to improve the skills of the individual ensuring progress and access to paid work.

There is a general recognition and acceptance within SE in Europe that service providers need to do more to recognize the needs of employers and develop closer working links with employers. Without employers, there are no employment outcomes and we must be aware that approaches to employers should be tailored to match the situation and circumstances (one size does not fit all). It is through training, research and continuous development that success can be achieved for all stakeholders through working effectively and efficiently with employers.


We are happy to announce that the following renown speakers have agreed to come!
In alphabetical order:
Job Cohen, Chairman Board of Directors at Cedris
     Jime Crowe, President EASPD
Jan Jaap de Haan, Managing Director of Cedris
Luc Henau, President EUSE
Brigitte Lierop, entrepeneur
Lidy Schilder, member Board of Directors at Blik op Werk
Jan-Wulf Schnabel, Institute for Inclusive Education, Foundation Drachensee
Luk Zelderloo, Executive Director EASPD

And our moderator of the conference is Lucille Werner, very well-known in the Netherlands, but soon also outside our country! For more information about Lucille Werner and her foundation please click here.

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